We can only be what we give ourselves the power to be!  

Woman doing yoga on a mat

To do yoga at Awareness Village, you don’t have to be athletic, flexible, young or skinny.  Yoga poses can be modified so they are available to every body, even if you can’t sit cross legged on the floor or touch your toes, or are overweight and out of shape.  To modify the poses, we use props such as blocks and straps, to extend the reach of your arms, and blankets and chairs.

If you can get up the stairs to the studio, you can do yoga at Awareness Village. If you can’t get up the stairs, we will come to you and you can do yoga right where you are.

Some of the possible benefits of doing yoga are:  relieve pain and stiffness; alleviate stress and anxiety; reduce fatigue; improve sleep; increase the ability to concentrate and focus; increase self-awareness; gently strengthen your muscles while lengthening them and increasing flexibility and range of motion; improve circulation; increase lung capacity; lubricate the spinal disks; pump lymph throughout the body; and aid digestion.  (Whew! And that’s just a start!) 

If you have your own mat, bring it to class.  Mats are available for your use, if you need one. (You can also purchase your own mat at the studio.)

Julie Hodges, RYT, your instructor, has practiced yoga for over 30 years.  Yoga helps her maintain a vital and energetic lifestyle, in spite of her own back and chronic pain issues.  Please call Julie at (775) 298-1663 for more information.  (Private instruction is also available.)

Awareness Village is for rent.

If you need space for your own group, event or workshop, call Julie at (775) 298-1663, or